DUTASTERIDE MESOTHERAPY 0.05% – 65 € (Dutasteride 0.05%, Dexpanthenol 5%, Biotin 0.2%, Piridoxin 2%, 60ML solution)

Topical Dutasteride is the liquid version of the most powerful DHT inhibitor available today. Topical Dutasteride prevents up to 95% conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone by blocking the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme on the scalp while having a minimum decline on serum DHT levels which significantly reduces the chances of side effects commonly reported on oral dutasteride and finasteride.


Due to having a higher lipophilicity and a larger molecular weight (537kda) than Finasteride topical Dutasteride remains longer in the scalp preventing deep penetration with only a fraction of the medication becoming vascularized and going systemic.


Our patients report reduced shedding, hair loss stabilization, regrowth and minimal to non-side effects while being able to use this medication every other day or even weekly due to its large half-life.


Topical Dutasteride 0.1% (60ml) is available from Dr Mwamba via prescription only with a previous free consultation.  After your initial consultation your prescription will be emailed directly to the pharmacy with your details that will contact you to arrange shipment of your treatment.


Each bottle is compounded to the highest standard by a local European pharmacy which offers worldwide shipping.


If you would like to obtain a prescription for Topical Dutasteride please fill in the form below and attach the relevant pictures for assessment  by Dr Mwamba.

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