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Who we are?

We are a European team of pharmacists and hair consultants with the goal to provide safe and FDA approved hair loss compounds in a topical form.

Our aim is to reach patients who can’t access hair loss medication in a safe manner and with a fast delivery system, safe concentrations and compounded by pharmacists with pharma grade raw materials.

Each bottle is prepared fresh the same day that it’s shipped to ensure stability. We follow strict pharmaceutical protocols to ensure there is no cross contamination so that you will always receive the correct dosing and delivery vehicle of your choice (Liposomal or Trichosol).

Please note we are not able to provide consultations or answer medical questions or information other than the recommended dosing and application frequency suggested by our associated physicians which are listed on each product description.

We offer fast and trackable worldwide shipment that reaches most parts of the world within 5 days outside of the EU and standard postage within the EU.

To order or for more information please contact info@anagenica.com

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