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Alpha: The missing link.

Alpha is a topical DHT inhibitor developed for patients who continue to lose ground using topical or oral Finasteride/Dutasteride and need a complementary treatment to further reduced scalp testosterone and DHT levels without increasing the risk of side effects.

Alpha contains both an FDA approved Finasteride and 17 Alpha-Estradiol at 0.025% which in contrast with 17b-Estradiol has no feminizing estrogenic activity and works as a potent local 5- alpha reductase Inhibitor without the side effects of oral Finasteride or Dutasteride.

17 Alpha-Estradiol has been used for androgenic alopecia on both men and women with success for the past decade however It’s a very expensive drug compared to Finasteride and Dutasteride. Thanks to the use of Liposomes we are able to use lower concentrations drastically reducing compounding costs and make it viable and affordable treatment for our patients.

Androgenic Alopecia: not DHT Alopecia.

Every year thousands of patients report no success with neither Finasteride nor Dutasteride in both oral and topical forms and continue to miniaturize as both drugs spike free testosterone in the scalp by blocking the conversion to DHT.

While Testosterone is five times less androgenic than DHT it still miniaturizes hair follicles over time and MPB is prone to all androgens including low Estrogen (fine and brittle hair, shedding), Testosterone (miniaturization) and the most aggressive androgen, DHT.

By stimulating aromatize on the scalp with 17a-estradiol there will be less free testosterone and therefore less conversion to DHT.

Alpha comes in a Liposomal carrier which increases the rate of skin absorption compared to regular water-based vehicles allowing us to use lower concentrations while retaining maximum efficacy.

Alpha can be ordered with and without Minoxidil at 5% to 10% for a three in one treatment at no extra charge or with Finasteride 0.01% under Alpha Plus.

Recommended dosage: 1-2ml daily. Apply on dry scalp and leave overnight.

Shelf life: 90 days

Store away from light at room temperature.

Alpha can be used by both males and females.

Price: 69 EUR (1 month supply, 60ml)

Studies: https://dpcj.org/index.php/dpc/article/view/dermatol-pract-concept-articleid-dp1002a39


Picture patient before and after 6 months of 17-a Estradiol treatment

Patient used 17 Alfa Estradiol 0.025% topically for 6 months. Not a FUE CLINIC’s patient.

Formula Alpha

Finasteride 0.01%

17a-Estradiol: 0.025%

Liposomal, 60ml



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Fin 0.025% with 17 A-Estradiol 0.025%, Fin 0.05% with 17 Alfa Estradiol 0.05%, Fin 0.1% with 17 A-Estradiol 0.1%


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