Just like FUE, U/FUE is a procedure Unshaven FUE (U/FUE) is a surgical procedure design for women and men who can’t afford any down or are required to return to work the next day of the within a few days of the procedure. Just like regular FUE a small dermal punch is used to remove the follicles one by one from the donor area but without shaving it. This technique does not leave a linear scar and if performed by a skilled with proper donor management experience scarring is virtually undetectable.


U/FUE can be performed with partial shaving (flaps) in women or without shaving in men. Due to the difficulties of extraction U/FUE is more labor intensive and only applicable for smaller procedures (below 1.200 grafts).


Dr Mwamba has been performing U/FUE weekly since 2002 and has completed over 300 successful procedures. By removing each graft with the greatest care and precision instruments Dr Mwamba can achieve the same survival rates as traditional FUT surgeries with a minimum invasive technique. The removed grafts are then artfully placed on the hairline and zones affected by alopecia at regular length to restore natural density.


Unlike the majority of clinics where nurses or technicians perform the extractions at FUE CLINIC every punch and extraction is manually performed by Dr Mwamba to insure the grafts are safely removed from the donor area securing a high and consistent survival rate. This is slow and labor intensive process which is typically carried out in more than one day and critical to minimize scaring and achieve an homogenous look on both recipient and donor area.

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