Body hair transplantation (is a surgical procedure where a small dermal punch is used to remove the follicles from the beard, neck, chest, arms or body. Donor supply includes bear, neck, chest, arms, back and legs.


BHT has been on the rise for the past 20 years to restore density or create a full new beard, mustaches or eyebrows. BHT also provides an extended donor area for FUE transplantation when traditional scalp donors are maxed out or depleted.


When performed by a skilled surgeon body graft hairs have the same survival rate as traditional scalp follicles.


BHT cannot be used on the hairline but gives a natural density effect when used on zone 2, 3 and the crown of the scalp. While the transplanted graft will retain its original characteristics in terms of hair cycle, length and caliber it gives a completely natural esthetic outcome when blended with native or FUE follicles.


Dr Mwamba is one of the leading world surgeons performing BHT weekly and has a deep understanding on how to safely remove these grafts safely with a manual punch.